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Practical Solutions offers TRAINING SERVICES that concentrates on training, assessing and updating of Chainsaw and Brushcutter operators, as well as arboriculture units such as tree climbing and street tree pruning.

Our Business has been operating for more than ten years, and has built up vast experience and an excellent reputation in the training field.

Our vision is to employ certified chainsaw operator instructors, and to offer certified training courses, to current and potential Chainsaw and Brushcutter operators. It is also our intention to help with the reconstruction of the community by training and assisting people in this industry. Thus to the point where they will be able to establish and successfully operate their own training companies.

This is however the long term vision as the training of an instructor is a very intense and important responsibility.

There is a real need for operator training in the Western Cape as well as the rest of Southern Africa. At this stage, we are one of a very few registered and recognised training companies in South Africa.

Practical Solutions is accredited with SETA.  Please CLICK HERE to view our certificate.